Department of Social Science

Department of Social Science

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H-1126 Budapest Kiss János altb. u. 40. Room 233
Phone: +36 1 487 8142
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Department of Social Science

The department helps students of early childhood, preschool and primary education understand social phenomena and examine social and cultural changes that may affect the roles and tasks of the educator. The subjects offered by the department cover a wide range of disciplines, with a focus on history, sociology, philosophy, ethics and cultural study. The core element of these courses is problem sensitivity, awareness raising and an active, participatory approach to learning. Students can also participate in departmental research projects. Areas of ongoing research include the situation of minorities (especially the Roma minority in Hungary); the impact of multiculturalism on teaching; and the social, cognitive and lifestyle changes of the digital environment. The department gives priority to the development of critical thinking skills: the recent developments in digital environment, artificial intelligence and the future of social networking sites require the development of effective skills to deal with artificial agents, information overload (including the problems of misinformation), and new collaborative forms. The department regularly organizes extracurricular activities to foster students’ professional development. Events include museum and study visits, lectures and discussions with prominent scholars, workshops, and conferences. Our flagship conference series investigates questions related to Philosophy for Children (P4C) and development of thinking. Foreign students are welcome to select from the department’s international courses.


Dr. Katalin Demeter professor
Dr. Magdolna Gilányi assistant professor
Dr. Miklós Lehmann associate professor, head of department
Dr. Fanni Maszlag assistant professor
Györgyi Ladáné Dauda lecturer ladane.dauda.gyö
Miklós Dúzs lecturer
Fanni Fodor lecturer
Dr. Anikó Kenéz lecturer
András Hídvégi lecturer
Renáta Törtei lecturer