Incoming Staff Mobility

Incoming Staff Mobility

Incoming Staff Mobility


With the Erasmus+ programme we welcome colleague from all around Europe.

We accept colleagues with teaching, and also with training staff mobilities from our partner universities according to our Erasmus+ IIA’s and colleagues beyond IIA’s via mutual email agreement.

Our education is in Hungarian, English and German, these are the languages colleagues with teaching staff mobilities can complete their min. 8 hours of teaching.



Visiting colleagues can either contact departments and their colleagues directly or, if they need help identifying the best suitable department, our faculty Erasmus coordinator, Ms. Ildikó Romanoczki who will forward any inquiries to responsible departments.

As a visiting colleague, we require to send your Mobility Agreement at least a week in advance for signature. Thank you!



Arriving to Hungary

Budapest can be reached from most European capital cities via airplane, or by train, bus, and car from neighbouring countries. Our airport can be found outside the city, approximately 30-40 minutes from the city centre. On the following link you can find some information and tips on how to reach the city centre by using different public transport options, shuttle bus services or taxi.

Please see our guide here.

COVID-19 Update:

All COVID-19 restrictions on Hungary have been lifted, from March 2022 it is possible to enter the territory of Hungary by public road, railway, water, and air traffic – regardless of citizenship and protection against the coronavirus –, but other general conditions of entry (e.g., a valid travel document) must be provided. 
There is no obligatory quarantine period or mask wearing in Hungary (except in health facilities).

Public Transport

Budapest offers great varies of public transport opportunities, please follow this GUIDE to learn more about them.


Please check our guide HERE for information on how to reach the faculty, recommendations on nearby accommodations.