Research interests

Staff members' research interests

Staff members' research interests

The following table contains information about the staff members' research interests.

Faculty staff – with link to Google Scholar profile

Research fields


Valéria Árva

English language children's literature - using stories in early childhood language development.

English language children's literature; stories; picture book; early childhood language development; CLIL

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for students of early childhood care and infant education

English for specific purposes; infant education

Early childhood language development


Mónika Bagota

Methodology of mathematics teaching

mathematics metodology

Mathematics learning in early age

mathematics in early age

Gizella Baloghné Nagy

Syntax: topicalisation structure, left dislocation

German linguistics

English linguistics


optimality theory

comparative linguistics

Grammar games and activites in teaching German as a foreign language

language pedagogy

language teaching methodology

early language-teaching methodology

digital learning material

Klára B. Zsoffay


body composition


health education

health promotion

Anna Bereczkiné Záluszki

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships - "I.ECEC - Intercultural Early Childhood Education and Care: Curriculum Design for Professionals" (2018-1-HU01-KA201-047763)

early childhood education

Research of the latest trends in contemporary children's literature

contemporary children's literature

Fairytale pedagogy

fairy tale

Zsófia Böddi

Develepmental psychology of early childhood;

Teacher training

developmental psychology

preschool teachers’ training

early childhood studies

children's play

Tamás Csányi

Pedagogical questions of motor development and motor behaviour of children and adolescents

motor learning

motor development

physical activity

sedentary behaviour

physical fitness

Lilla Császár

Visual communication and Self-presentation in the Social Network

visual culture

visual communication

Art and play

art pedagogy

arts-based research

integrated arts education

Complex innovative methods of art and art education integrating the arts and science

art-based research

art education

integrated arts education

Márta Dallos

Lessons learned on music-choir education in Mihaly Fazekas Primary School and Grammar School from 1950 till 1990 (fall of communist regime)

Laszlo Lukin, hungarian music-education, Kodály-method, education politics, music education in primary and secundary school

Sarolta Darvay

Sustainability education in the nursery

early childhood

sustainability education

I.ECEC – Intercultural Early Childhood Education and Care


early childhood

early childhood education and care

Adrienn Dévai



singing school


János Döbrössy

Choral management, choral methodology

choral methodology


church music

musical communication

Life's work and works of György Deák-Bárdos

church music

secular choral works

cultural history

musical communication


Teaching methodology

Nikolett Flick-Takács

Basing lifelong learning in early childhood

early childhood

lifelong learning

teacher's thinking

kindergarten teacher

primary school teachers

Zsuzsa F. Lassú

Resilience and vulnerability in children of parents with mental illness (COPMI)

mental health

mental well-being



Gender ideologies and stereotypes, images of women in folk tales, children stories and animation movies

gender stereotypes

gender ideologies

fairy tale

animation movies



Magdolna Gilányi

Hungarian Church History





church history

History of the Catholic Church

History of Monasticism

Dominican Order

Szilvia Golyán

Familiar and institutional education

document analysis

fair educational environment


Hospital Education

history of hospital education

document analysis

research practices

Andrea Gődény

Literary Criticism, Reading Pedagogy

literacy and reading

Andrea Gönczöl

Ways of text organisation in Unitarian polemics of the mid-18th century                              

old Hungarian literature

Educational reading in preschool with methods of drama pedagogy Complex personality development effect of fairy tale

reading comprehension

reader education


drama pedagogy

children's literature

speech perception

Kinga Gyöngy

Observing early childhood educators among children in nurseries

early childhood education and care



Training of Early Childhood Educators and their career paths

early childhood educator training

career development

Zsuzsanna Hegedűsné Tóth

Methodological challenges in the musical training of pre-school teachers and nursery educators

kindergarten teacher

nursery educator

music education


Busy with Music - An Innovative Music Educational Method for Children Aged 3 to 9 Years

good practice


adaptive education

The impact of Katalin Forrai’s work on early childhood musical education in Hungary and abroad

early childhood

aesthetic education

singing-music education

kindergarten education

early childhood education

work of Katalin Forrai

Mária Hercz

Educational evaluation

assessment for learning

student-centered assessment


methodology and tools

programmatic assessment

Entrepreneurship education, Developing social entrepreneurial competences




challange-based learning

project-based learning


civic education

Erika Karáné Szántó

Children's play in the Biedermeier painting

Biedermeier painting

Art periods in cartoons

art periods

Hungarian illustration of books for children 1950-2000

children's book

Aesthetic of built enviroment

built enviroment



Object culture 1950-1990

object culture



Valéria Kerekes

Children’s play and storytelling; Teacher training

early childhood education

early childhood

teacher training

children's play


Katalin Kismartony

Evaluation of primary school songbooks, compilation new ones

songbooks for primary school


singing and music

compilation new book

Conducting amateur choirs, singing groups



forming community

Katalin Kovács

Training children’s voice in groups

singing ability

voice training

singing and music

Musical development in public education

sustainability of musical development

„up-to-date” readiness in music

Katalin Kulman

Opportunities for the development of mathematical thinking in different grades of education.

development of mathematical thinking

mathematics metodology

didactics of mathematics

Opportunities of using digital tools in mathematics and science lessons.

digital tool

digital task

digital learning material

Examining the appearance of environmental aspects in the subject of geography; sustainability education

sustainability education


environmental protection

Miklós Lehmann

The cognitive and affective impact of the digital environment and web 2.0 applications

digital environment

social behaviour

web 2.0

cognitive processes

Opportunities for developing thinking skills in childhood

cognitive development

early childhood



Dorothee Lehr-Balló

Methodology of German as a foreign language - child orientated, action focused approach

teaching methods

learner-centered teaching methods

Language Teaching Methodology

language teaching

language pedagogy

German as a foreign language

András Lénárd

Digital pedagogy, Methodology of coding, Robotics in early childhood, Digital curriculum development, Digital culture and methodology

digital curriculum

digital pedagogy,

digital technology,

algorithmic thinking,

foundation of coding,

digital culture

Maya Jean Lo Bello

Twentieth-century Hungarian Literature and Critical History, Periodical Studies




life writing

Periodical Studies

Miksa Fenyő

Éva Márkus

linguistics, dialectology, CLIL



foreign langauge learning

Hajnalka Merényi

Children's Literature

books for children

fairy tale

children's literature

children's fantasy

Réka Miskei

Language attitudes

language attitudes


German minority in Hungary

language learning

Réka Ökördi

Improving mathematical thinking skills of students with difficulties in learning maths

learning difficulties

mathematical reasoning

differential equations

The role of mathematical thinking in diagnosis and therapy of difficulties in learning maths

mathematical reasoning

improving skills


Improving skills and competencies in math

improving skills

Gabriella Pataky

Visual literacy, visual education, development of visual competencies, art education of alternative pedagogies, built environmental education, learning spaces

visual literacy

visual education

development of visual competencies

art education

art education of alternative pedagogies

built environmental education

learning spaces



The history of the Hungarian Royal State teacher training institute


Marianna Pintér



complex mathematics teachings experiments

digital learning material

Generation Alpha

Development of mathematical thinking in early age

mathematical thinking

Use of technology and Digital learning materials in the maths lessons

digital technology

Veronika Pirka

History of Childhood

early childhood

history of childhood

Life reform movements, Reformpedägogy and alternative pedagogy

reform pedagogy

art education of alternative pedagogies

life reform movement

Andrea Poros

Ellen Key's literature-related work, her place in the Modern Breakthrough, her reception in Hungary


Orsolya Rádi

Alternativeness in education, Didactics, Pedagogical planning/methodic, teacher training and postgradual training, educational tenders

reform pedagogy

government pedagogical reforms

modern alternative trends in pedagogy

teacher training

postgraduate teacher education

reform movements

constructiveness in pedagogy

contructive educational

teacher knowledge

Pedagogical content knowledge

good practice


phenomenon based learning

Teréz Radvai

The Theory and Practice of Bilingual Education, Methodology of Teaching German as a Foreign Language, CLIL,Methodology and Practice of Pre-School Education in German, German Children's Literature


Mónika Serfőző

Teacher education and teacher roles, professional development

implicit beliefs

professional development and learning

professional self-concept

Higher education

21st century learning

active learning and teaching strategies

project-based learning

autonomous learning behavior

assessment for learning

learner-centered teaching methods

Remote teaching and learning in higher education

remote teaching and learning

self-regulated learning

online learning

Judit Skaliczki

Built Environment Education










art education

art pedagogy

spatial abilities

spatial skills

built environmental education

visual education


spatial thinking

Bernadett Svraka

Prevalence of mathematical anxiety





mathematical anxiety




working memory

New Ways in the Diagnostics of Specific Learning Disabilities - Pedagogical Investigation of Dyscalculia

learning disorder


pedagogical method of investigation

developmental approach

Prevalence of mathematical anxiety





mathematical anxiety




working memory

Judit Szitányi

Mathematics education


probability, combinatorics, word problems

Zsuzsa Szesztay

The 19th century piano works


Miklós Zs. Tóth

Applied Linguistics - applied rhetoric

applied linguistics


rhetorical analysis

discourse analysis


contemporary literature

academic writing

Éva Trentinné Benkő

Educational bilingualism

Early foreign language education


Qualitative research methodology (revealing beliefs and learning outcomes)


teacher education, training and professional development (TEFL, TEYL and CLIL contexts)


Erika Vetési

Digital curriculum development

digital transformation

digital education

digital educational environment

21st century learning

digital syllabus

Áron Vitályos

Human biology

Body composition analysis

morphological body shape