Student Union

Student Union

Student Union

HÖK is the Hungarian abbreviation of Student’s Union. The Union’s main duty is to represent Hungarian and international students at ELTE in different issues, such as study, allowance and remedy issues. The followings are some specific issues that HÖK deals with:

  • facilitating administrational processes for students
  • answering students’ submerging questions
  • providing help for students
  • reanimating campus life with colourful and exciting events
  • consulting with the Faculty’s departments

HÖK consists of specific committees, referents, the office manager, Vice-President, President of Economics and last but not least the President of the Student’s Union.

Cultural and Event Organizer Committee

The main duty of the Cultural and Event Organizer Committee is to organize exciting events for students at or outside the faculty’s building. Their main project is the annual Fresher’s Camp/Week.

Foreign Affairs Committee

The main duty of the Foreign Affairs Committee is to provide information to students who are interested in Mobility Programmes/Scholarships and to support the international students studying at the Faculty. Working hand in hand with the Communication Committee, essential information accompanied with pictures and videos are shared in Facebook, Facebook Groups and on Instagram. As an international student, the student organization ESN ELTE will help you to get familiar with the Hungarian language and culture, the faculties, and the student life at ELTE. In principal questions concerning your studies or credits, you can turn to the Student’s Union for help who will give you a helping hand in every situation.

Communication Committee

The main duty of the Communication Committee is to consult with all Committee Heads and share essential information regarding events, scholarships, and news on the Faculty’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

Social Committee

The main duty of the Social Committee is to assess filed scholarship applications and inform students regarding financial aids provided by the university.

Educational Committee

The main duty of the Educational Committee is to help students dealing with issues regarding their studies, Neptun or documentation. Furthermore, the committee members work along the guidelines provided by the Students’ Requirement Order (Hallgatói Követelményrendszer) and the National Higher Education Law (Nemzeti Felsőoktatási Törvény). Open days, Education, Pre-Aptitude Test and the regular Aptitude Test are events in which the committee is also involved.

Inspection Committee

The main duty of the Inspection Committee is to inspect and assess the operation of the Student’s Union. Other duties involve writing the report of HÖK meetings and organizing the Delegate Election which is held semesterly.

The HÖK Office is open on weekdays from 9am to 16 pm, feel free to come and ask us!