During the mobility

During the mobility

During the mobility

This page is dedicated to give you guidance during your studies at the university. Please click on each section below to see detailed information.

Orientation Day


Greetings Erasmus Students!

The Orientation Day is approaching, please find detailed information in the table below.

Participation is mandatory, please make sure arrive to Budapest in time.





40 Kiss János altábornagy Street, H-1126 Budapest, Hungary

Room: 123 (1st floor)

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Important matters
Get to know each other
Campus scavenger hunt
Games with the Students’ Union


ESN / Mentor system


Faculty mentors

Our faculty offers help and support through our mentor/buddy system. They are students of our faculty as well, therefore have a great insight on how things work. Have a look at their website to get to know them more.

Each incoming Erasmus+ student can request a mentor (when doing their registration) who will contact them via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp even before they even arrived in Budapest.

These students can help you with academic matters, you can turn to them if you have any problems like finding something in the city etc. They also are responsible for any activities, programmes organized in our faculty so make sure to follow their news.

If you have any questions to our mentor students, please make sure to contact our current head mentor László TÓTH via email.

Erasmus+ Student Network (ESN)

The above-mentioned mentor system is part of the university’s ESN organization to who you can also turn to if you have any questions. You can find more about them on the following WEBSITE.

The ESN uses an app called “Papaya” that we advise you to check out and download on your phone. Available for both iOS and Android. Check them out HERE.

As an Erasmus+ student you are entitled to get an ESN Card. This costs 4.000 HUF (around 10€) and you can use it to get many discounts at different partner organizations. You can find more information about it HERE.

In case you have any questions to the ESN organizations, you can contact them via email.




Please click on the following LINK to access the library website.


In Case of Emergency



If you find yourself in an emergency, that is, if you feel ill, need some medication, or lose your identity documents, you should follow these guidelines. 

In case of any emergency, you can call the general emergency number in the European Union that is


 In case of any accident (e.g., robbery, fire etc.) please contact any of the following numbers:

General emergency number in the European Union


 Hungarian Police (= Rendőrség)


 Fire Department (=Tűzoltóság)


 Information to give the dispatcher in case of emergency:

  • Name and telephone number.
  • Location where you are.
  • What happened, who needs help.
  • Is anyone’s life in direct danger.
  • Possible number of injured, severity of injuries/wounds.
  • Are the dangerous events still happening or have they ended?

You must stay there until an ambulance or help arrives!


Every international student studying abroad with the Erasmus+ programme should have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their possession. In case of any health-related issues we advise you to contact your insurance company for guidance before you venture into hospitals or visit doctors.

If you do not have insurance company to call, we advise you to check your local health centre that is designated to the district you are living in in Budapest (you can check the district number in the ZIP code given to your Hungarian address – for example in 1126 the two middle number indicates the district).

On the following website you can find addresses to general GPs and state-funded dentists in each district.

When visiting a health facility always have your ID and EHIC with you!


Unfortunately, not all members of hospitals can speak English. Therefore, if you feel that you need to go to the hospital and need any help make sure to contact the university for assistance.

Here are some hospitals around the city (the district number is emphasized):

  • Merényi Gusztáv Kórház: 1097 Budapest Gyáli utca/út 17-19
  • Péterfy Sándor utcai kórház: 1076 Budapest, Péterfy Sándor utca 8-20
  • Szent István kórház: 1097 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 1
  • Szent László kórház: 1097 Budapest, Albert Flórián út 5-7.
  • Szent Imre kórház: 1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 12-16
  • Uzsoki utcai kórház: 1145 Budapest, Uzsoki utca 29-41

In case you need an ambulance (= mentők in Hungarian), please call the following number:



There are many pharmacies around the city, you can spot them by following the green + sign. There are a lot of medicines that you can ask for in the pharmacy without having a prescription, but please be aware that if any medication is prescription only then you will need one from either a Hungarian doctor or from your own doctor. If you live with any medical condition that requires constant medication, please make sure to either take enough with you or bring prescriptions from your own GP, Hungarian pharmacies accept them.

Here is a list of some 24-hour pharmacies:

City centre:

  • Fővám téri gyógyszertár: 1056 Budapest, Fővám tér 4
  • Teréz gyógyszertár: 1067 Budapest, Teréz körút 41

Other districts:

  • Óbuda gyógyszertár: 1032 Budapest, Vörösvári út 84.
  • Elefánt gyógyszertár: 1101 Budapest, Pongrácz út 19.
  • Déli gyógyszertár: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás út 1/B
  • Örs vezér gyógyszertár: 1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 23.
  • Nagyicce gyógyszertár: 1163 Budapest, Veres Péter út 11/B
  • Thököly gyógyszertár: 1183 Budapest, Thököly út 3.
  • Hétkorona gyógyszertár: 1195 Budapest, Ady Endre utca 122.
  • Tilia gyógyszertár: 1212 Budapest, Görgey Artúr tér 8.