ESN / Mentor system

ESN / Mentor system

Faculty mentors

Our faculty offers help and support through our mentor/buddy system. They are students of our faculty as well, therefore have a great insight on how things work. Have a look at their website to get to know them more.

Each incoming Erasmus+ student can request a mentor (when doing their registration) who will contact them via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp even before they even arrived in Budapest.

These students can help you with academic matters, you can turn to them if you have any problems like finding something in the city etc. They also are responsible for any activities, programmes organized in our faculty so make sure to follow their news.

If you have any questions to our mentor students, please make sure to contact our current head mentor László TÓTH via email.


Erasmus+ Student Network (ESN)

The above-mentioned mentor system is part of the university’s ESN organization to who you can also turn to if you have any questions. You can find more about them on the following WEBSITE.

The ESN uses an app called “Papaya” that we advise you to check out and download on your phone. Available for both iOS and Android. Check them out HERE.

As an Erasmus+ student you are entitled to get an ESN Card. This costs 4.000 HUF (around 10€) and you can use it to get many discounts at different partner organizations. You can find more information about it HERE.

In case you have any questions to the ESN organizations, you can contact them via email.