Faculty’s psychological counselor

Faculty’s psychological counselor

With the aim of supporting the mental health of our students, ELTE TÓK offers help in addressing any challenges of an academic or personal nature.
Students who are experiencing difficulties studying, concentrating, handling stress, time management issues, or career-/lifestyle-oriented concerns can turn to the Faculty’s psychological counselor, Balázs Liptay-Wagner, for guidance. This resource is also available to those students who find themselves facing an unexpected situation or life event that has placed them in a difficult emotional state. The Faculty counselor provides individual and group sessions that are free-of-charge for ELTE TÓK students. 

Every actively registered ELTE TÓK student is guaranteed access to psychological counseling. In the case of international students, this service is provided in English.

Registering for psychological guidance can be done by filling in this form: Application for Psychological Counseling (google.com)

To reach Balázs Liptay-Wagner directly, please contact him at the following email address: sos@tok.elte.hu.

All applications and information will remain strictly confidential and be handled with the greatest discretion!