Deparment of Visual Education

Deparment of Visual Education

Deparment of Visual Education

Head of Department:

Dr. Pataky Gabriella


Bakos Tamás

Bércesi-Dienes Erika

Dr. Császár Lilla

Fazakas Csilla

Karáné Szántó Erika

Rekvényi Viola

Skaliczki Judit

Stomfai Krisztina

Szabics Ágnes

Vastag Ágnes

Department Coordinator:

Mohácsi Rudolf


In the Department of Visual Education of the Faculty of Primary School and Kindergarten Teacher Training, Eötvös Loránd University of Science,

we train students to be pre-school, primary school and secondary art educators. We believe that the objective of art education is to build the personalities of the children and to develop their competences. We use art as a tool, rather than an outcome; the purpose of our artistic work in the department is to develop the personality of our students, rather than to train future artists.


In the Department of Visual Education, we train students to become kindergarten teachers, preschool educators, future primary school teachers, or visual art teachers in secondary level. Within the department, Dr Gabriella Pataky established the “3612+ Visual Skills Lab", mainly for research purposes. This workshop fulfills a double function at the university: in addition to research, it is also a creative centre, where experience in arts education is shared in the spirit of the work of Huba Bálványos, the founder of the department. The projects focus on creating a structure for analysing visual skills, and on aspects of the development of these competence elements. The research areas concerned are design education in the light of construction skills; education on the built environment (as first in the Hungarian primary teacher training scene); and the development of plastical skills.