Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Döbrössy János, Professor

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The Department’s Main Professional Activities

Educational Activities

The department’s main duty in training future educators is to prepare undergraduate pre-school and elementary school teachers in the methodology of instructing students in Physical Education. Completing a specialisation in Physical Education is an additional oportunity for those students who possess an interest for this subject.

For students wishing to attain a degree in primary education, future teachers attending the specialisation programme will be able to teach Physical Education from grades first to sixth. Beyond basic methodology courses, the specialisation contains several sport-specific courses (including methodology), such as gymnastics, sports games, track and field, recreational activities and intensive teaching practice at school.

For students studying to become pre-school educators receive more courses that will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of how to organise physical activities and motor skills development programmes while also developing the abilities that are related to these competences.

Basic courses for primary educators include are the following:

  • Subject Methodology in Physical Education (3 courses)
  • Games Education (1 course)

For pre-school educators:

  • Physical Education and Its Methodology (4 courses)
  • Theory in Physical Education


The main areas of research conducted at this department are the following:

  • Physical activity behaviour of children 3-12 years in age
  • Physical fitness levels in school-aged children
  • The implementation of motor development programmes
  • Curriculum theory and development
  • Special movement therapies in children with special educational needs

Additional activities:

  • Active participation in curriculum development for the studies and training of public and higher education.
  • Involvement in national strategical planning process for PE in elementary and preschool teacher preparation.
  • Organisation of different sports-related courses for undergraduate students.






Main Professional Field

Prof. Dr. Döbrössy János DLA

Acting Head of Department,



Dr. habil. Tamás Csányi PhD

Associate Professor

Elementary and Pre-school Education

Zsolt Oláh Msc

Master Instructor (Lecturer)

Elementary and Pre-school Education

Eszter Őry Msc


Pre-school Education

Zoltán Vass

Assistant Lecturer

Elementary and Pre-school Education

Fédra Ziszisz Msc

Master Instructor (Lecturer)

Pre-school Education

Éva Szabó

Administrative Assistant