TDK English

TDK English

TDK English

Scientific Student Association at the Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education

Are you doing interesting research?

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But what is a TDK exactly?

The Scientific Student Associations Conference (“Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia” – acronym in Hungarian: TDK) is organized once or two times every academic year at most of the Hungarian universities.

The Scientific Students Associations Conference provides a public forum for student publications which go beyond the core syllabus and represent a high scientific standard. Our aim is to assist the scientific and professional career of the authors and to help improve scientific thinking and discussion. The theses are completed with the help of a consultant and the students present their papers in sections similarly to scientific conferences. The papers and presentations are judged by a professional jury, according to requirements and standards of scientific publications.

  • TDK has no pre-requisites
  • A TDK thesis can be prepared by several people. Several authors could produce a high-qualiy paper with less energy, and the presentation can be easier if you don’t have to stand alone in front of the audience and the TDK judge.
  • It is possible to participate in the TDK from year to year, either with a new paper or by continuing the topic fo the previous year
  • It can be a good opportunity for preparing a high-quality thesis on professional confidence
  • It can mean extra points in case of further education or scholarship applications
  • Cash reward
  • End of the conference if you succeded you can go to NATIONAL TDK CONFERENCE called OTDK

Pictures from the previous TDK conference.

TDK is a two-stage competition for students both undergraduate and graduate.    

  1. The first stage is about finding an interesting research question and conducting an appropriate research to answer this research question. The output is a paper to disseminate the findings.
  2. The second stage is the oral round, where participants will present their findings in front of an academic judge.

How can you participate?

  1. Find a topic and a supervisor first
  2. Register on the TDK application form
  3. Consult your supervisor, execute your research, write your paper
  4. Submit your paper via email
  5. Wait to receive the reviews from your paper
  6. Prepare to the oral presentation once you advanced to the oral round

The language of the conference

  • Hungarian
  • English - Complete english-speaking sections can be organized in the case of sufficient number of announced presentations.

TDK workshops of the Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education:

TDK topics of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

TDK topics of the Department of Digital Pedagogy

TDK topics of the Department of the Hungarian Language and Literature

TDK topics of the Department of Mathematics

TDK topics of the Department of Arts and Visual Education

TDK topics of the Department of Natural Sciences

TDK topics of the Department of Physical Education

TDK topics of the Department of Social Science

TDK topics of the Department of Education

The Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education Scientific Students' Association is organizing the next Scientific Students' Conference in:


Head of the TDK at the Faculty: Dr. habil Mária Hercz
TDK Secretary: Ms Zsófia Nemes