Erasmus+ KA2 NATINE

Erasmus+ KA2 NATINE

Erasmus+ KA2 NATINE

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships – Project Naturalistic Instruction


Anadolu University – Turkey (coordinator)

Obrazovanie Za Site (Education for All) – Macedonia

MSH Medical School Hamburg GmbH – Germany

Dr. Pretis SME – Austria

Tohum Autism Foundation – Turkey

ELTE Primary and Pre-School Education – Hungary

Project goals:

The UN-Convention for the rights of a person with disability ratified by most European countries foresees an inclusive education for all. Within this context most of the European countries expressed their political will to implement the inclusive philosophies and concepts on all levels of policy and services related to issues of persons with disability. First attempts have been accomplished in the partner-countries to implement strategies of inclusive education.

The purpose of this project is to explore and transfer a multi “how-to-teach” tools (see as an example at for ECEC (early childhood education and care) professionals.

Official WEBSITE of the project.