For TÓK International Students

For TÓK International Students

As an International student at ELTE TÓK you have the oportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ student mobility programme in selected universities. Kindergarten Education BA can apply to student mobility to the following countries (click on each and you can learn more about the receiving institutions that offer kindergarten education in English:

Czech Republic

Please note, that you can’t apply to this programme if you are studying at ELTE TÓK with Stipendium Hungaricum or Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People. If you apply to Erasmus and win it, you will loose your entitlement to receive the grant from the above mentioned scholarship programmes.

What is Erasmus+?

With this programme you have the chance to study abroad between 3-12 months in one of our partner universities. You can also do internship between 2-12 months in any country of the European Union at schools, kindergartens, universities.

How to apply?

In every February, a call for application is published to the students of ELTE. During this month you can upload your application in the Neptun system by choosing minimum one, but maximum three universities. The order is up to you, but we advise to put the most desirable one as nr. one. Please note, that you can win this scholarship to only one place.

Please note, that you can apply to those universities ONLY, that offers the same subject area as yours. Some have primary or pre-school education only, but some have both. If you cannot seeone of the universities, that means you cannot apply to that.

You can find a little guide on how to apply HERE.

We advise to apply for one semester at the time. If you choose to apply for the Autumn/Winter semester, you can automatically lengthen your mobility for the Spring/Summer semester. BUT, if you apply for the Spring/Summer semester, you cannot do that. You have to apply again for a new mobility in the next academic year.

Second call for application – Spring Semester, 2020/21

Call for application
Places you can apply to
Application period: 14 September – 5 Ocotber 2020, until 8 p.m
Application can be completed in Neptun, which opens on the 14th September.

How much scholarship can you get?

The scholarship depends on where you go and for how long. You can see how scholarship varies in the following table (our partner countries are highlighted):

Scholarship overview 2020/2021

Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden

520 euro/month for studies

620 euro/month for internship

+ additional financial support*

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain

470 euro/month for studies

570 euro/month for internship

+ additional financial support*

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

420 euro/month for studies

520 euro/month for internship

+ additional financial support*

*Additional financial support

  1. EHÖK Erasmus+ additional social assistance (call for application is expected in September 2020);
  2. Erasmus+ additional social assistance: 100 €/month for internships and 200 €/month for studies (call for application is expected in March 2020);
  3. Students with disabilities (studies and internships as well) can apply for additional support for their special needs (call for application is expected in March 2020);
  4. ELTE’s Alumni Foundation’s additional financial support (call for application is expected in May 2020).

Further information for scholarship winners

or detailed information please visit the University’s MAIN WEBSITE!